24/7 Available
  • Possible to get 24 hours and 7 days a week?
  • How long you store my data?
  • Is your server safe?

We developed in the last 2.5 years a algorithm that can recognize the right maps in your uploaded original file.
This algorithm is looking exact for the right values and how they must be modified to achieve the best result and reliability faster than any human.

All your Original and Tuned Files are stored on our server for a long time. 
You can download it so often you want.

Our server meets the highest safety guidlines. All data are fully backup. 
Server is hosted on one of the biggest supplier worldwide and is protected with cloudflare.

  • What type of payment options you have?
  • Do i get an invoice for my payments?

PayPal with buyer protection.

Yes of course, we send the invoice after payment direct to your email adress.
You can also download your invoice in your dashboard.

  • My tuningfile is not working?
  • How long i need to wait for response?
  • What flashtool the system supports?

If this case happen, log in and select the job and make ticket below. Send all informations including screenshots, dtc and logging data.
When we are not able to help or our algorythm was faulty, we refund you to your account.

We are very quick in our support times, this times you can see in the Login.

No matter which flashtool you use, we accept every binary format.
Just checksum you must make yourself (Master Customer).
Slave tools from Dimsport and Autotuner are supported.

  • Is the company serious ?
  • Where i get the news ?

Yes of course, we are official EU based company in slovenia.
Our payment options are proofed and legal.
We cooperate with companys in europe what are more as 15 years in this business.

You can follow us on Twitter there you receive all the newest information.
Bigger News & Updates we inform you by e-mail.