John Deere Tuning & Deletes

Experience the true power of your John Deere vehicles with Tuning24's performance optimizations and deletes. Our cutting-edge technology and expertise allow us to offer a wide range of tuning services for various John Deere models, including tractors.

Through our performance optimization services via diagnostic interface (OBD), we can program all our software optimizations for your John Deere vehicles without having to open the control unit. This means that we can achieve up to 30% torque increase, up to 20% horsepower increase, and 5-15% fuel economy for your tractor without compromising the manufacturer's original settings.

If you want to change the speed limit of your John Deere tractor, Tuning24 can help you. We can change the speed limiter's coding for your tractor, allowing you to raise or lower the speed of your vehicle. We can do this regardless of whether you have a control gear or an automatic gearbox.

One of the biggest challenges facing John Deere tractors is the EGR valve. However, Tuning24 can help you turn off the EGR valve, preventing fumes from being added to the intake air. This not only increases your diesel engine's lifetime but also ensures that your tractor runs more smoothly.

If you're looking to delete the DPF or DEF pump, Tuning24 can help with that too. We offer DPF delete services for all John Deere models, allowing you to reduce harmful emissions and improve performance. Our DEF delete service also allows you to delete the DEF pump and all the DTC codes related to it.

If you're interested in distributing our products, apply now to become a reseller. Tuning24 is committed to providing high-quality, reliable tuning services for John Deere tractors, and we're always looking for new partners to help us achieve our goals.